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concept, music, vocals, and lyrics - vincent napolitano
engineering, mixing & mastering - joseph cincotta
supervising production - don millard
artwork - patrick duggan


released April 25, 2014

presented by death valley records se (independent)
recorded at full force studio



all rights reserved


Neptune's Inferno New York, New York

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Track Name: Abyss
Dying outside the world
Black holes align the fold
Every breath is crying cold
Every time a life is souled

No day is another inside this quake
A never ending caustic fate
Electric planets pass you by
Mind creates the time to die

There's nothing left
All hope is gone
They're destroying the bodies that enter the dawn
Enter the fold and you'll cease to exist
The spectra arises
Death is your bliss

Inside the abyss...
Track Name: Chiropteris
Thirteen suns of death
Draining innocent lives to their lasting breath
With the wrath of kinetic force
Infernal staff
Diabolical source
He awakens as the night unfolds
Exterminates the lives that are weak and controlled

Open the shell of apocalypse
Take the lost with a cost to quit

Opens wide claws of wire
Eyes defying laws of fire
Track Name: Night Fever
Inside of the graveyard
The last of our kind
The nightfall arises
It bends into time

Your beauty at midnight
It runs through my head
In darkness we live
We live to be dead

Our hunger awaits us
Our hunger we dread
Our black souls awaken
The blood lust be spread

Tonight as of many
The grounds painted red
Track Name: Vision Spell
Black torrents
Crowd the earth again
New birth begins
Rise from the graves
of the fields that remain
The airwaves attack
The pressure insane

Black torrents are here
Sending their threats
Shedding their tears
Defending their crest
No civilization
The end of all days
The carnage commence
The world is a slave

Forborne vision
Bred of contagion
Gravity forming the massive abrasion

Black torrents
moving past the slate
Disaster cast the master gate

With toxic minds in toxic fray
A land of ash becomes today
Track Name: Sonic Invasion
Covered by the dark eclipse
Fall from the Earthly cyst
The planets machinations shift
inside the silence of the mist
Tomorrow is so far from here
Objects that are far run near
contaminated atmosphere
but nothing's ever been so clear...

Skies of a thousand years
Eyes of a thousand tears

The Sonic Invasion...